Mission Critical

Mission Critical

With 30+ years of experience in designing, analyzing, testing and delivering Mission Critical designs, Advance Design Consultants is committed to successfully future-proofing your mission critical facility. We utilize the vast knowledge of our team of architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists to provide innovative concepts and custom designs through our operations based design approach.  For your next mission critical project, you need a partner who can deliver systems and a facility that are highly reliable, yet flexible to meet your ever-changing business demands, scaling requirements and unpredictable growth needs.

ADC’s Mission Critical services range from concept designs and budget pricing, to full project design, and assessments of current infrastructure. We understand how to solve complex problems under tight schedules, and deliver innovative, smart solutions for facilities and systems that maximize reliability, reduce downtime and minimize lifecycle cost. Working closely with your project team, our designs and recommendations address the breadth of concerns (facility, real estate, IT staff, etc.) to understand and incorporate their requirements. Whether you need to design and build a new facility, consolidate multiple locations, expand, upgrade, or relocate an existing facility, Advance Design Consultants will assemble its mission critical team to meet your needs. As a client, you will benefit from partnering with experts who have a comprehensive understanding IT end user/data center operations teams’ needs, utilize detailed information about your specific facility and systems requirements, and combine that with the knowledge of how critical infrastructure needs to be planned, designed and built.  

ADC has assembled a diverse team of professional consulting design and field engineering experts in the areas of Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Information Technology and Security dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients with mission critical operations. With extensive field experience we take a hands-on approach to system design, control integration, and testing. Whether you need to optimize airflow, prevent hotspots, or maximize water management, we can help your mission critical systems work more efficiently. ADC’s combination of broad knowledge and in-depth specialization through reliance on our highly trained, expert engineers is what makes us unique.

Advance Design Consultants designs Data Centers that achieve high performance results in operational efficiency and maximum energy reduction, cost-savings, scalability, modularity, flexibility, resiliency and redundancy for our clients. No matter the project scope, our team of experienced, licensed professionals are capable of leading the project and supporting your team through all phases from construction through occupancy.

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