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Make planning for your future more sustainable with Advance Design Consultants, Inc..

As experienced veterans of the facilities industry, we know that your facilities offer you challenge after challenge all year long.  But we see those challenges as opportunities for ADC to give you the support and expertise necessary to guide strategic planning for your business.

Facilities Management – At ADC we understand the built environment from the foundation on up, and partner with Facilities teams every day to give expert insight covering all aspects of a building or facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. Our advice, technical and management support to building owners and operators is flexible and adaptable to their evolving needs and focuses on integrating quality control, sustainable and cost-saving measures into the infrastructure to maximize ROI and resiliency.  Whether providing expertise you can rely on to shape your strategic planning decisions, or coordinating your construction team and guiding them through a successful build, Advance Design Consultants’ years of experience, comprehensive technical expertise, and passion for innovation will fulfill your FM needs.

Energy Strategy – We collaborate with technical, commercial, planning and policy experts to help clients make informed tactical decisions to improve performance through energy and carbon management.  With energy audits, consumption studies or facilities condition assessments, we set highly precise baselines so that clients can establish defined goals, examine feasibility and track progress.

Programming – Successful projects are designed through a thoughtful analysis of the actual client need—and we provide quality architectural programming as the key to creating functional buildings. We don’t design buildings—instead we build a strong conceptual foundation on which to anchor design. Through our focus and dedication to this practice, we have proven expertise in pre-project planning and programming.

Sustainable Infrastructure – ADC designs with the future in mind, and that’s why we can offer the best expert advice for your team when making crucial decisions about the future of your buildings’ infrastructure.  Starting from the beginning by defining your businesses comprehensive goals, our team can evaluate, analyze, recommend, design and plan a sustainable infrastructure custom fit to your business and that optimizes cost-savings and efficiency.

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